Guardian Home Opportunities

At Bethesda Lake Poodles & Doodles it is our goal for every puppy to have a loving forever home.  All our dogs are part of our family and live in our home.  We want our dogs and puppies to get as much attention as they possibly can and because of this we feel it is important to limit the number of dogs we personally keep at our home.  Our Guardian Program allow us to expand and improve the quality of our program while keeping our dogs in loving homes where they are family members.  Occasionally, we will have a puppy that we want to be part of our breeding program that is available to go to an approved guardian home.  The puppy will live with their Guardian Family as a part of their family, while Bethesda Lake Poodles & Doodles retains the breeding rights for the dog during the contract peiod.  Once the Guardian Dog completes their breeding career and contract, he or she will spayed/neutered and the Guardian Family will take Full ownership.

To qualify:

·         Live within 90 minutes of Mena, AR and be able to drop off and pick up the dog from health testing, vet visits, breeding and whelping

·         Have previous experience with dogs

·         Fenced in yard

·         Provide basic training that is standard for dog ownership.

·         The dog must be groomed every 6-8 weeks with a professional groomer and be kept free of mats and tangles

·         Fed one of our recommended dog foods

·         Must not have any other dogs that are intact on the premises

·         Must keep the dog free of ticks and fleas, and other external parasites.

·         Must keep the dog on monthly heartworm treatment

Email: for more information

red miniature multigenerational goldendoodle